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* Beware that we will only service e-bikes that use Bosch or Shimano electric components - Batteries must be removed if the bike is left at our shop for service *

Packaging - Shipping 

Traveling With Your Bike?

Unless you are very familiar with the technical aspects of your bike, it is best to have a shop pack and unpack or assemble your bike. Better manufacturers require that their new bikes be assembled at a shop. During the assembly process, an attentive, experienced mechanic will find potential problems that can be addressed before they become emergencies.

In most cases Bike Flights is the recommended shipping entity. Scheduling with them is pretty simple and they will send the carrier to collect the box wherever you choose.

Always purchase insurance for your bike from the carrier!

Free one-time repackaging for any new bike purchased at The Rusty Crank


$75 - $125

  • Pack Standard Bike$75
    Pack Oversize -i.e Tandem or Recumbent$95
    New Box (if needed)from $20
    Free one-time repack of bike purchased at The Rusty Crank
  • No charge for a used box, if available. 
  • Adjustments are lost when packaging a bike,  but the process is similar to a tune up and takes about as much time.



    • Standard Assembly
    • $70
    • Custom Assembly
  • Standard assembly is the same as what we do when a typical bike comes from a manufacturer. Requirements are the same as those for a Tune-up - see our Routine Service menu.   


$ - Determined by Carrier

  • For estimation from carrier:
    Typical box dimensions: 11 X 34 X 57
    Packaging adds ~15 lbs to bike weight
    We will notify you with exact dimensions once packaging is complete
    Schedule with one of these services then email us the label. 
  • Bike Flights
  • UPS
  • FedEx